Welcome to Maddens Rise

Maddens Rise has adopted an artisan approach to winemaking, dedicated to making wine that reflects the unique character and quality of our estate vineyards.

Focused on the pure expression of our place in the Yarra Valley

Wine making decisions are made based on the fruit and climate of each season. Our consistent quality of wines comes from carefully managing this balancing act. Each of our wines is hand-made and reflects our site and the relevant vintage, showing finesse and purity.

At Maddens Rise, our philosophy is to maintain, preserve and where possible, ecologically enhance the natural vineyard environment by embracing the use of β€˜biological’ farming practices. Our portfolio of wonderful estate grown and made wines reflects our commitment to this.

This morning's job is snipping & tucking.

Snipping off excess fruit from vines that are yet too young to carry it all & get it ripe and tucking in crazy amounts of growth into wires. 

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy day... #rightnowintheyv #rightnowintheyarravalley #maddensrise
The struggle is real....so when it comes to choosing presents for your loved ones, why not consider a delightful Maddens Rise gift voucher?!

They are available in this lovely wooden format in our cellar door and of course an electronic version is also available through our website. I will pop the link in the Bio bit. 

This is a gift that will surely put smiles on peoples' faces!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ₯‚πŸ·

#maddensrisewine #giftvoucher
A dear friend invited me to pick her roses in the rain this morning.... so I now have them to share with our lovely visitors over the weekend.... πŸ™β€

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Lunar Lady on Maddens Rise. #rightnowintheyv #rightnowintheyarravalley #moonrise #maddensrise #lagodicoldstream
This sublime morning topping up our happy tanks. Wishing you all a wonderful day. πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™

#maddensrise #lagodicoldstream #vineyardviews #rightnowintheyv
Such a pretty, layery sky... #lagodicoldstream  #maddensrise #rightnowintheyv #rightnowintheyarravalley
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